The SARL "Le Simulateur Équestre Français" respects 

  • The protective disposition of humans' rights and fondamental freedom
  • Datas' proctection
  • The protection of circulation of personal datas
  • The community agreement n°95/46
  • The law n°78-17 of January 6th 1978 which has been modified in 2004

According to the provisions of the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, all your computerized personal data are treated in the strictest confidence. You have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete any data concerning you. You simply need to request it online or via mail by indicating your name, first name, and address.




Suscribing, accessing, using some services involves personal data treatment that you accept. The personal data treatment responsible is discribe in the "Publication director" of legal policy. Collected datas come from users who volontarily give their informations : to access or/and use a service which needs this treatment or from IT marks left by navigating on the website. These informations can be used for commercial actions of SARL Le Simulateur Équestre Français. You accept those informations to be used and shared under conditions above. You have the right to ask us to get your informations from SARL Le Simulateur Équestre Français and to be against a commercial use of those informations. You just have to send us an email at the following adress :


When you leave a comment on your website, the datas you fill in the form, your IP address and your browser will be collected to helop us in spams detection. An anonymous channel created from your email address (also called hash) can be send to th Gravatar service to check whether you use it or not. Privacy policy of Gravatar service are available here : After validation of your comment, your profile picture will be publicly visible nearby your comment.

Contact forms and reservation

 Informations collected in the forms contact has only one goal : facilitate exchanges between the website visitors and SARL Le Simulateur Équestre Français. The collected informations will be deleted after the transaction.




The SARL "Le Simulateur Équestre Français" and their partners automatically save some technical datas. During website visits, technical datas may be saved as : the Internet Protocol (IP) of the visitor, configured informations (type of machine (mobile, computer,…), browser,…) of users. Those informations can be stored by the way of your mavigation software in short text files (cookies) with reservation of your agreement in a dedicated space of The Simulateur Équestre Français's disk. They are usd anonymously and are not shared. To each cookie, an anonymous ID is assigned. The cookie file allow to his emitter to identify the terminal in which it's saved during the period of validity of the cookie concerned. Cookies, depending from their category are used for the following purposes : 

  • A first category of cookies are necessary for website's use. They are essentials to navigate on the site while enjoying all of its fonctionalities (display,..). They allow to adapt some fonctionalities and the website presentation to your browser and equipment. Those cookies are essentially technical and do not identify you has a person.
  • Another category of cookies are allowing perfomance measures. Those cookies allow to establish statistics, visits and uses' volumes of the website's services. Their objectives are to allow Le Simulateur Équestre Français to adapt the comfort of the site's users. As the cookies before, those one do not allow to identify you as a person.

These 2 first cookies' categories are only used to establish statistics, to upgrade access and use of the website, to prevent errors and counterfeit.

  • A third cookie's category concerns fonctionality. They will simplify your navigation. Indeed, they save some of your choices (language, user's name, country, informations related to a previous form,..)
  • Another category of cookies came from social networks : they allow users to share the site's content with other persons. This is for example the case with the Facbook "Share" and "Like" buttons. The social network which provides this type of buttons is likely to identify you thanks to this button even if you haven't click on it during you website's visit. Indeed, some cookies allow the social networks concerned to follow your navigation as soon as your social network account is activated on your terminal during your navigation. The SARL "Le Simulateur Équestre Français" does not have any control on the process used by social networks to collect informations related to your navigation on the website. We invit you to consult the privacy policies of each of these social networks. Without damaging the conditions above, the Sarl "Le Simulateur Équestre Français" and its partners may use this information in cooperation with the Internet supplier to identify the user in order to make him execute the present general conditions or on demand of judicial authorities.

Audience measures 

The SARL "Le Simulateur Équestre Français" uses Google Analytics : an analytic service for website supplied by Google Inc ("Google"). Google Analytics uses "cookies" which are texts' files placed on your computer in order to help the website to analyse the way visitors use the website. Informations generated by the cookie concerning your website's use (including your Ip) will be given and stocked by Google on their browsers in the US. Gooogle will use these informations in order to evaluate your website's use, to extract website's activities reports for the website managers and to supply other services linked with the website activities and the use of the Internet. Google can also share these informations to outsiders when it's required by the law or when the outsiders treat informations for Google's account.

Google commits not to associate your IP address to other datas hold by Google. You have the possibility to refuse cookies's use by selecting required instructions on your browser. Please notice that if you do that, you may not be ale to use all fonctionalities of this website. Using this website, you accept that Google treats your datas as described below. If you leave a comment, the comment itself and its metadatas will be saved indefinitely. It allows to automatically recognize and aprove the next comments instead of leaving them in the moderation lign. For registered users (if it's possible), we also stock personal's datas indicated in their profile. Every users can see, modificate and delete their personal informations at anytime (except their user's name). Website's managers can also see and modificate these informations. If you want to modify your informations, please feel free to contact us.



 We inform you that at any moment, you can set your browser in order to modify your cookies'choices. Setting your browser is an efficient and free way to determine your cookies managment. You can decide : accept the saving of all the cookies present in the pages you consult. Those cookies will be only visible by their emetors. This choice is not definitive and you can always delete these cookies and refuse their savings in your terminal afterall. In this case, your website's visit won't be recorded in the frequence's measuring tools but you won't benefit from the same navigation comfort as some fonctionalities needs the cookies. The SARL "Le Simulateur Équestre Français" declines any responsability for any inconvenience linked to the site dysfonction due to the impossibility to read necessary cookies. 

Settings your cookies'managment depends on your browser (more informations on : . 

As an information, you can refuse the cookies' savings like that : 

Internet Explorer 

1 – Go to Tools > Internet options

2 – Click on the confidentiality tab

3 – Click on the advanced button > tick the "Ignore the automatic saving of the cookies" space

To know more : En savoir plus : 


1 – Click on the key's icon of the toolbar in the browser

2- Click on "Parameters"

3 – Click on "Display advanced parameters"

4 – In the "confidentiality" section, click on the "content parameters"

5 – In the cookie's section, you can block the cookies

To know more :


1 – Go to Settings > Preferences

2 – Click on the confidentiality tab

3 – In the "block cookies" zone, tick the "always" space

To know more : 



 How do we protect your datas ?

Our website uses the "WP Cerber Security" Bouquet extension : 

By default, WordPress allows unlimited connexion tries either by the contact form or by sending special cookies. It allows to crack passwords. WB Cerber blocks the intruiders by IP as soon as there are too many connexion tries by limiting the number of tries possible which mkes some attacks impossible. It creates Black and White lists of access to block or allow connexion from a special IP. A personalized connexion page is created in order to avoid automatic attack of the wp-login.php by default which needs a consistent attention and spend much browser ressources. If someone tries to attack wp-login.php, they will get a 404 error response. WP Cerber tracks adresses and IP user anmes for succeeds and unsucceeds connexion, passwords changes,…

The WP board is masked (/wp-admin/) when a user is not logged. If a user is not logged, and he tries or enter the board by asking /wp-admin/ Word Press will send a 404 error. The "Citadel Mde" will be activated automatically for a specific period after unsucceded tries and prevent the interloper to try to login with a username.

Established procedure is case of datas'leak 

 In case of datas'leak, the CNIL will be informed in the 72 following hours maximum and the website users too.

Automated marketing's operations

Our website doesn't do automated marketing's operations.