The Electromechanic simulator was conceived to improve rider's posture, movements and sensory's abilities.

This innovative and reliable machine, made in France is very easy to use. It is safe and has plenty of exciting applications.

The Equestrian Simulator is the result of an ingenious group work including Pétéris Klavins a physiotherapist.

Pétéris Klavins who also invented the "Global Balance" concept.

Over 30 locations are already equipped with our simulators (equestrian centers, training centers, physiotherapist's offices, rehabilitation centers,…)

cheval mécanique
Simulateur Équestre
cheval mécanique


22 years ago, Eric Bonnot, a riding instructor and professional show jumping rider, discovered the Simulator. 

During his 1st trial, he'd felt some sensations he tought he had lost.

He remembers he had considered two hypothesis for this loss :

"I'm too old, I won't make it anymore"

"It's my horse's fault"

With the Simulator, another one reached him :

"I have an issue and I have to work to solve it"

If the simulator quickly allowed him to feel back some losts sensations, it has also allowed him to start a long work to improve his posture. Thanks to this change, he improved his riding level and he also cured his backache (chronic lumbago). 

As an equestrian instructor, Eric has adopted the Equestrian Simulator since 20 years as an excellent teaching tool either for beginners than for professionnal riders

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